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Subway Diving Center:

The Diving Club is a Tunisian-German company, located in the city center, it offers the following services: Baptism, exploration, night diving, and on superb wrecks ...
The club is also a diving school with a worldwide reputation and grants international patents.

The SUBWAY diving center will introduce you to the seabed of the region of MAHDIA, with a fauna and flora typical of the Mediterranean.

You will be able to discover its falls, its caves and its four splendid wrecks where large groupers and bats of serioles (liches) evolve.

Useful information :
Open from 15 May to 30 October.
Tel: +216 73 69 64 92
      +216 98 55 65 42


Go on a quad adventure on a track of several kilometers in the heart of a wild nature.
In the touristic area there are several Quad Agencies 2 minutes by car from our residence.

Useful information :
Agency: Quad by Wajdi
Tel: +216 52 98 86 84


Thalassotherapy is the combined use, under medical supervision, for preventive or curative purposes, of the benefits of the marine environment, including marine climate, seawater, marine mud, algae, sand and other extracted substances of the sea.

In Tunisia, thalassotherapy activity is now directly behind France, second in the world.

Tunisia has nearly sixty thalassotherapy centers, with a few units as close as in France under the supervision of the Public Health, they depend on the National Office of Thermalism and hydrotherapy.

In Mahdia, we recommend the Thalasso Spa & Kneipp center located in the heart of the Golden Tulip Mahdia Palace hotel in the tourist area at 2 minutes drive from our residence.

Useful information :
Address: Hotel Mahdia Palace
Tel: + 216 73 68 38 55

Horse riding center Mahdia:

Enjoy a horse riding through a unique circuit that alternates beach and countryside.

You will ride your oriental horse at your own pace; Gallop for riders or trot with assistance for beginners.
A coffee break is planned halfway in a very pleasant setting.

Useful information :
Tel: + 216 28 801 889


Want to chain the strikes?
 In a couple, with family or friends, you can enjoy the bowling of Mahdia and enjoy its friendly atmosphere, its 6 tracks of competition, its restaurant-bar and terrace with sea view.

Useful information :
Address: Zone touristique Mahdia
Rate: About 5 dt

Pirate ship :

You want to spend a day full of surprises and entertainment?
Enjoy a pirate boat ride with unforgettable moments of pleasure thanks to the pirates' entertainment show.
The captain invites you aboard his ship, an authentic replica of the pirate ships of the 18th century!

Useful information :
Address: Mahdia Harbor
The offer also includes lunch.

Nautical sports:

Mahdia offers many sporting activities, such as parachute jetskiing, scuba diving and boating.
At the edge of the beach of the touristic area you will find several nautical bases.

Useful information :
Rate: from 10 dt

El Jem Amphitheater:

An example of the occupation of the Roman Empire in Tunisia.
Significantly, it is one of the best preserved in the world, even more so than the Rome Colosseum, although it has been subject to litigation and looting throughout the centuries.

It was built in the year 232 BC by the Emperor Gordian, and has a capacity of 30,000 people. The town of El Jem is located south of Tunis, 60 km north of Sfax. Currently, it is a tourist attraction, and also used for entertainment, including the summer music festival. We were assured of its acoustic quality and its charm, it is simply brilliant.

If you are motorized, it is 30 minutes from our residence do not hesitate to go there!

Useful information :
Address: City Center El Jem
Admission fee: 10 dt

Visit of an oil mill:

Mahdia is renowned for the quality of its olive oil and has about 150 oil mills in the region.
Hence a visit to an oil mill is essential.

Useful information :
Visits during fall and winter