Mahdia Place

Offers you a quality 
service of furnished flats
 throughout the year,
 close to the beach
 in the touristic area
 of the city of Mahdia in Tunisia.

Quality, comfort 
and safety 
are the essential criteria of our apartments.

Create your vacation online !

By clicking on "Request a reservation",
you will have the possibility to create your own seaside holidays for a weekend, a week, a month or more and choose one of our apartments that suits you best.

Comments from our dear customers !

At the end of your stay,
 you can write us a small comment
 to encourage us and give an idea to new customers.
To do this, simply go to the apartment page 
where you stayed and click on "write a comment".

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Thanks to the loyalty card, 
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How to book ?

It's very simple, at the beginning, you make a reservation request online, we will answer you with a detailed quote and a request for payment of a deposit on your email address within 24 hours.
To confirm your reservation, just pay the deposit, and you will receive a detailed receipt of your reservation.

Do you know the city of Mahdia?

Mahdia is a small touristic town with 40 km far from Monastir. It is known by its magnificent beaches and its white sand and translucent sea.
Click on the "Mahdia" button for more details on places you can visit, activities, etc ...